Us Married 
(IV, No. 75 & 67)
polyester resin, fiberglass, piments
16 x 18 x 4 in
18 x 30 x 4 in

An extnsion of Location Project.

Beginning in 2014 the artist collects pocket-sized memorabilia items during her travels. She jots down notes and records geographic coordinates of each location where an item is found. The over 90 items are then 3D-scanned and altered via rendering programs applied with numerical variables adopted from data associated with their sites of discovery. Many objects are ‘sculpted’ or grouped digitally based on subjective callings such as mood, commonalities in original locations, or particular events in the artist’s life. These virtual objects are then brought back to the physical world via a number of material-heavy milling, casting, and re-casting processes.

The analog-digital-analog procedure produces a variety of intriguing forms bearing information of their parent objects and sites as well as narratives and encounters corresponding to different times and spaces, contributing to the renewal and construction of meaning in objecthood.