Location Project
found memorabilia, data transformation, mixed-media objects (virtual and physical)
dimensions variable

Location Project utilizes methods of sample collecting, data recording, and virtual transformation to digitalize, reconfigure, and recontextualize the over ninety found objects gathered from sites around the world. Between 2014 and 2015 the artist traveled extensively in places closely tied to her upbringing: Seattle of USA, the entire roundabout island of Taiwan, and Hong Kong. During these travels pocket-sized memorabilia items were collected at new or interesting locations and notes of each collection, including date and time, geographical coordinates, and sometimes anecdotes, were recorded with an iphone app.

The collected memorabilia were 3D-scanned and transformed via computer rendering programs applied with numerical variables adopted from data associated with their sites of discovery. Some objects were ‘sculpted’ or selectively-combined digitally on a subjective basis such as mood, commonalities in original locations, or particular events on their dates of discovery. These virtual objects were then exported back into the physical world via a number of milling, casting, and 3D-printing processes. The analog-digital-analog procedure produces a variety of intriguing forms bearing information of their parent objects and locations as well as the artist’s insight and encounters corresponding to different times and spaces, contributing to the renewal and construction of meaning in objecthood.