Negative Horizon: Taiwan International Video Art Biennale
Oct 15, 2016 - Jan 8, 2017
Hong-gah Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Curators: Pei-Yi Lu, Fang-Tze Hsu
Artists: Fiona Amundsen & Tim Corballis , Irwan Ahmett & Tita Salina, Nadav Assor, Ro Caminal , Jon Cates, Chien-Chi Chang, Ran Cheng, Lucy Davis, Florian Andreas Dedek , Badr el Hammami, Dominique Gonzalez-Foerster, Baku Hashimoto & Katsuki Nogami , Woo-Min Hyun, Shiro Kadekaru, Chung-Li Kao, Florencia Levy, Tay-Jou Lin, Asio Chi-Hsiung Liu, Futoshi Miyagi, Trinh-Thi Nguyen, Barbara Oettinger, Filip Gabriel Pudlo, Nestor Sire, Akira Takayama, Hong-Kai Wang, Pei-Hsuan Wang, Jun Yang

Starting with this inquiry based on the epistemology of image, Negative Horizon, the 5th Taiwan International Video Art Exhibition (2016 TIVA), explores how the historical trajectory of image movements comes about and intertwines with the contemporary experience of displacement. The venue of 2016 TIVA is located in Beitou District, which is a starting point and will serve as a referencing point representing the compressed hundred-year history of movement and migration taking place in Taiwan. Setting off from Beitou, 2016 TIVA tries to connect this specific locale to the whole world, summoning the emotive agencies of the audience.

The title of the exhibition—Negative Horizon—was derived from the title of Paul Virilio’s book published in 1984. In L’Horizon négatif, as a philosopher, Virilio discusses the violence caused by the newly-formed trinity of speed, image and modernity. By replacing the philosophical articulation of negatives with the material history of photographic film, 2016 TIVA attempts to question what the smooth visual experience symbolizes, wondering if it represents certain kind of efficiency without obstacle or the abyss of unsatisfied desire. The term ‘negative’ is a word with multiple meanings, referring to passiveness, negation, femininity as well as an essential vehicle to mobilize image—the celluloid film which has played a vital role in the materialized process of appearance. The term ‘horizon’ embodies the dynamics within the liminal space between the heaven and the earth, which is conditioned by the correlation between the perspective of the spectator and her/his circumstance of the surroundings; this term also bringing a sense of mobility embodied by the economic and political exiles, which result from contemporary geopolitics in conjunction with the disruption of citizenship caused by human trafficking beyond political borders. Negative Horizon thus stands for those invisible scenes that dwell opposite to, behind, or underneath the normative visibility, especially when these transnational/transregional voyages gradually become a part in the lives/life of the modern time, expanding our vision, understanding and feelings and at the same time transformed into underlying and legitimized exploitation.

2016 TIVA intends to follow the theme of the exhibition—’mobility’—from different dimensions closely. Twenty-seven foreign and domestic artists/artist groups, including the invited ones and the finalists from the international open call, participate in this exhibition.

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