Made of Star-Stuff
Dec 20, 2016 - Mar 19, 2017
Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taipei, Taiwan

Made of Star-Stuff is an evolving project initiated by Pei-Hsuan Wang in 2015. It began as a participatory art practice working with asylum seekers, migrant workers, and immigrants in Hong Kong and gradually expanded to connect Taipei, Bangkok and other parts of the world. Through storytelling, visualizing others’ experiences, and sculptual re-imagination, disparate experiences intersect to illuminate a contemporary dream towards middle class excellence in diasporic Asia.

An essential component to this project is the drawing game. Similar to Taboo, each participant describes a thing about their past without giving it away as the other individuals attempt to depict the thing in question by drawing on paper. Participants reveal stories behind their things and share their interpretations of others’ things towards the end of each drawing session. Select stories include a Congolese man’s childhood memory of running errands at a neighboring village and a Thai woman’s dream about building a house on her ancestral land. Narratives in the forms of poems, drawings, and audio-video recordings are collected and become starting points for sculptural and spatial imaginations. Short films based on these original testimonials are also created. This project has taken on several exhibition iterations, including the presentation at Taipei Fine Arts Museum that received Juror’s Choice Award, Taipei Arts Award in 2016.

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