You Are My Sunshine
Jun 8 - Jun 30, 2019
Taipei Contemporary Art Center (TCAC), Taipei, Taiwan

Curators: Shih-yu Hsu, Yu-Chieh Li
Opening Talk: Jun 8, 2019 4pm, with Zian Chen

In 2019 TCAC is launching a program series Female Avatars’ Futurist Statement. The first exhibition You Are My Sunshine features artist Pei-HsuanWang‘s developing body of work since 2016. Drawing from family migratory experiences and her intuitive perception of the surounding environement, Wang transformed interactions with her niece Iris into an uncanny constellation of brutal sculptures of strange creatures and short films remniscent of home videos. In this world, the relationship between objects and moving images are indeterminate and organic and begs for individualized interpretation. Movements of entanglement in the videos imply bonding and point to the unsettling undercurrents of migration, matrilineage, and conflicting identities. Assuming the idea of Iris’ doppelgänger in her ongoing project Dearly Beloved, Wang asks: how does one unpack and address the dissonance between private becomings and assigned roles defined by nations and cultures?

The opening talk hosted by critic Zian Chen will highlight Wang’s recent projects and how she and her niece Iris became co-creators to enact the ‘sunshine - prisoner’ dynamic in their collective narrative. Wang traces Iris’ every move as the little girl reinvents roles in their relationship. This relationship plays out in the artist’s films as both real and make-believe. Although calling for an external, third-person perspective, Wang’s work does not seek transcendence nor demand an elevated vantage point. The understated is a statement in and of itself. The artist invites us to lower our adult line of vision and adopt the observation height of a child. You Are My Sunshine becomes an open text and an unending quest for the known made unknown.

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