Wolves Shitting
charcoal on paper, mixed media
site-specific installation

Wolves Shitting was completed in less than five days at an abandoned old-fashioned Korean dabang ‘coffee shop’ where men hung out, drank, gambled, and received a range of services from women. This site-specific installation features a large charcoal drawing depicting a wild landscape of defecating wolves and hairy balls, along with several floor-to-ceiling sculptures. It was a direct, frantic reaction towards the male-dominated and seniority-driven social dynamics experienced in daily life and in workplaces during the artist’s three-month stay in South Korea. As an East Asian foreigner, the artist’s ethnic and geographic proximity to the Korean culture granted her partial leniency but not complete exemption to conform to such social norm. This work was the result of her frustration being unsure of how to voice discomfort while maintaining a level of cultural sensitivity as an outsider in such precarious situation.