Momentary Grace

Feb 28 - Mar 31, 2018
Haiton Art, Taipei, Taiwan

Last night I dreamed I was giving birth. My belly was huge, swollen under a tan, tight-fitting dress, and my water had just broken. There wasn’t much pain. No anxiety either. If anything I was irritated by the absence of the father to my child. My own father was there though, he had no idea what to do. We got in a taxi and headed for the hospital. At the entrance I realized I had forgotten to make an appointment for C-section: this womb was cut open a few years back and could not withstand the pressure of natural births, so I’d been told. My father was clueless. He disappeared into the back of a guestroom. I had to talk to a nurse with my pulsing belly to arrange an operation. A doctor and a room are available, she said, quite a prestigious obstetrician too. Grace tends to fall upon me when things are going to shit. I felt a lingering sorrow waking up, wondering where the hell the father to my child was.

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Photos ©I-Hsuen Chen
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