I Am Gold
inkjet print on A3 paper, tape, salvaged wood, silicone, gauze
site-specific installation
dimensions variable

Slowly constructed in a storage room over the course of three months, this piece embodies both the emotional and physical labor during depression. The only window in the room is blocked and there are no light fixtures. Prior to the install, mock-therapy sessions are orchestrated during which tearful self portraits amidst restrained distress are captured. A silicone face is also cast, seen in the center of the room on a wooden post.

Inhabiting a dysfunctional and liminal backspace and demanding personal permission to access, this work attempts to give value to self-care and the seemingly-maudlin efforts to overcome existential and relational crisis. “Through the extremely intimate and repetitive process of casting, printing, pasting, dissecting, and manipulating copies of my face, I confront my own unmooring sense of loss and melancholy.”  

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