EXHIBITIONS > Momentary Grace (2018)

“Last night I dreamed I was giving birth. My belly was huge, swollen under a tan, tight-fitting dress, and my water had just broken. There wasn’t much pain. No anxiety either. If anything I was irritated by the absence of the father to my child. My own father was there though, he had no idea what to do. We got in a taxi and headed for the hospital. At the entrance I realized I had forgotten to make an appointment for C-section: this womb was cut open a few years back and could not withstand the pressure of natural births, so I’d been told. My father was clueless. He disappeared into the back of a guestroom. I had to talk to a nurse with my pulsing belly to arrange an operation. A doctor and a room are available, she said, quite a prestigious obstetrician too. Grace tends to fall upon me when things are going to shit. I felt a lingering sorrow waking up, wondering where the hell the father to my child was. –Fathers 08082017

Loneliness Greets Me Every Morning
Resin, fiberglass, paper, wire, insulation mat, acrylic on faux apple
Yes I Would
Cut insulation mat
Print on paper: photo of a photo print of a printed collage
Fathers | Sunshine V
Resin, cardboard | Fabric, tape
While Sleeping
Cardboard sculpture soaked from flood, paint, resin, fiberglass, plaster
Sunshine VI
Pigment and latex on paper, cardboard, print on paper, glazed ceramic
The Moment Never Came
Resin, fiberglass, tape
Empty Holes
Traced and cut vinyl
Empty Holes
Terra cotta, found resin hand, paper and thread, traced and cut vinyl
Nothing Can Touch Us
Found rock, paper clay, ceramic, insulation mat
Something Pretty
Steel, epoxy
Same Like You Think
Silicone, print on paper, resin, fiberglass
Pregnant Mind
Found ceramic, concrete
Pointing Back To You
Foam, newspaper pulp, resin, plaster
Only Just Met (detail)
Wire, string, plastic, plaster, resin, fiberglass
Ceramic, found foam, wire, paper, ribbon, resin
Glazed ceramic
No Longer Shaped Like a Heart
Plywood, raw clay, hand-carved wooden dowel, shell, gauze, latex, thread