EXHIBITIONS > Taipei Arts Awards - Made of Star-Stuff: Imagining Outsides at the Center of the World (2017)

Taipei Fine Arts Museum, Taiwan

Made of Star-Stuff is an evolving project engaging with asylum seekers and migrant workers residing in Kong Kong and Taiwan. Narratives in the forms of texts, drawings, audio-video recordings, and installations trace migratory journeys across countries in Africa, South Asia, and Southeast Asia.

This edition of the project at TFAM features a collection of objects and thought-forms from previous incarnations on various sites and in different exhibitions.

Swing, Like Paradise (film)
Mixed media installation, single channel video
Islands I & II
Mixed media installation
A Moonlight Flit (film)
Single channel video
Fish, Line
Paper, terra cotta links
Silk flowers and leaves, steel, silicone
Merstham Surrey
Charcoaled lumber, printed fabric, silicone, paper
Grass, Flower, Gate
Mixed media installation
Like Paradise (film)
Single channel video