EXHIBITIONS > Formation No. 1: On Levitation (2014)

"Living in Taipei, I watch the city pass before me on trains in long intervals. I see the façade, a blurred contour outlining some ten thousand million stories within. Iron grids painted white blue red green pink purple and yellow. Condominiums tiled in muted colors of puke, only to froth under the subtropical humidity that drowns the entire basin endlessly. I see lives slowly slip into one foggy pool of inconsequentiality, flailing about in delusions of a hypothetical future. Chess pieces in a feel-good void."

(Photo credit: I-Hsuen Chen)

Formation No.1: On Levitation
Mixed media installation
The Fire
Wood, light bulbs, cement, resin
I'm Open I
Found wood, light bulbs, dry cleaner’s bags
I'm Open II
Found bricks by the shore
The Offering I
Salvaged tiles, canvas
The Offering II
Salvaged wood, raw clay
The Throne
Wood, found school chair, found fragments of brick houses, cement