EXHIBITIONS > The Uncontainable Tales of a Paradise (2016)

Grass, Flower I
Grass, Flower I
Cardboard, tape, ceramic, silk flowers

"...Hong Kong didn’t sign the Convention ah… which year was it? 19 what what, where they can take in refugees. They have an UNHCR office here. So on assess, they check if somebody is really, ah, a 'refugee' according to their own standards. Umm… then they send one to a third country. A third party country, where like, maybe, Canada, or US, or England, maybe other countries.

I don’t know where I am so far. I have no idea what is next or what is, what is done already. I tried to ask them also, they also don’t know. Maybe. Or they just choose not to answer, but yeah. It’s a little… unclear… It’s ah… a very much disturbing feeling I guess. It’s not a good feeling..."