PROJECTS > Made of Star-Stuff: Imagining Outsides at the Center of the World

We are all made of stars that exploded. The simple specs of celestial dust came together through complex processes to form individuals that are so diverse yet connected at the same time. This imagination of matters and materials could inspire the imagination of individual experiences, furthermore generating the ever-evolving imagination for time, space, and geography. The ties between seemingly unrelated peoples, places, and imaginations can thus be created.

Made of Star-Stuff is a long-term project investigating the “Outsider” identities in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Elsewhere. Beginning in spring 2015, the project involves border-crossing bodies of asylum seekers, refugees, migrant workers, Chinese brides, and new immigrants residing in Hong Kong and Taiwan. Often considered “inauthentic” where they are, these individuals in Diaspora are disprivileged by systematic oppression stemming from laws and regulations, identity profiling, and types of labor they perform.

No man is an island. Human bodies and humanity should not be restricted by borders in any shape or form. This project attempts to reconsider the relationship between Here-There/ We-Other/ Inside-Outside within a pulsing world in which imaginative and constructed geography both stretch and quail in dramatic measures. Through storytelling and participatory art practices, individual experiences intersect and reinforce, connecting disparate bodies in Hong Kong, Taiwan, and ultimately, Elsewhere.