EXHIBITIONS > Mobile Scapehood (2014)

FreeS Art Space, Taipei, Taiwan

"I seek to situate a contemporary identity of my own inspired by the deconstruct of geography. I believe an assigned geographical identity is arbitrary, defined, and contestable. It is through ongoing transformation and assertion of one's experiences existing in between preconceived borders that unique mystification and demystification of spaces and personhoods could be achieved.

Culturized objects and installations are turned into scenes of anonymous rituals. By creating ambiguous and ceremonial sites that come from an intimate, private place, I make room for establishing with the space new bodily relationships that could become moving and generative to one's personal experiences."

(Photo Credit: I-Hsuen Chen)

A Field of Bamboos
Bamboos, plastic bags, concrete, varnish, bricks and tiles collected from the Tamsui riverbank
Over and Over Again
Ceramic, glaze, paint
The Expedition
Steel, nylon
Salvaged wood, pallets, bulb, seat cushion
The Black Thing
Ceramic, astroturf, wood, resin
The White Thing
Porcelain, wood, plastic tracery