EXHIBITIONS > Formation No. 1: On Levitation (2014)

"Living in Taipei, I watch the city pass before me on the train in long intervals. I see the façade of it. The clouded surface that hints at some ten thousand million stories of peoples and places within. Iron grids painted white blue red green pink purple and yellow. Buildings tiled in muted colors of puke that become even more offensive in its chromaticity as the subtropical humidity grinds itself in throughout the basin. Rolling hills and blotches of green dot the incessant flashcards of a giant machine, disrupted by the omnipotent presence of power towers and faux modernist architecture. I see the unique nooks and crannies that slowly blur into one foggy pool of inconsequentiality. It is the face of a city; a city that seems so accommodating yet somehow denies its own idiosyncrasies. A city that dreams of bright, brilliant futures but lets its pasts and presences flow soundlessly by day and night."

(Photo credit: I-Hsuen Chen)

Formation No.1: On Levitation
Mixed media installation
The Fire
Wood, light bulbs, cement, resin
I'm Open I
Found wood, light bulbs, dry cleaner’s bags
I'm Open II
Found bricks by the shore
The Offering I
Salvaged tiles, canvas
The Offering II
Salvaged wood, raw clay
The Throne
Wood, found school chair, found fragments of brick houses, cement