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A Moonlight Flit
Single channel video

Filmed in Taiwan, Hong Kong, and Thailand, A Moonlight Flit* features a traveling English/Australian man, a former Thai domestic helper living in Hong Kong, a Bangladeshi asylum seeker in Hong Kong, and an Indonesian care taker in Taiwan. Through unique pieces of each Diasporic individual's stories- newborns, loved ones, hopes and fears, and lifelong beliefs- we follow the humbled movements of restless bodies across borders and regions, and begin to imagine the possibilities of connection in labor and mobility.

*A Moonlight Flit is a British slang that refers to a departure by night with one's possessions to avoid paying rent. It is also the scenario to the musical hall tune, My Old Man Said, that John, the British/Australian man, sings in the film. The Chorus goes like this:

My old man said "Foller the van,
And don't dilly dally on the way".
Off went the van wiv me 'ome packed in it,
I followed on wiv me old cock linnet.
But I dillied and dallied, dallied and I dillied
Lost me way and don't know where to roam.
Well you can't trust a special like the old time coppers.
When you can't find your way 'ome.