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The Uncontainable Tales of a Paradise (book)
The Uncontainable Tales of a Paradise (book)
105 pages

The participants to this book include: A Zimbabwean young man unofficially enrolled in the Chinese University of Hong Kong, a former Congolese civil servant farming at a church property in the countryside, a Bangladeshi prodigal who met his Indonesian wife in Hong Kong, a former Thai domestic helper who has worked her whole life for a permanent status and a chance to reunite with her children back home, a retired English/Australian crew member who launched his vagabond career some 50 years ago…

Occupying different stages along the locating, suspension, and re-locating progression, these unique bodies are confronted with a spectrum of challenges brought by marriage, childbirth, education, lawsuit, resettlement, etc.—all in displacement. The common denominator is the Unknown—not knowing if deportation day is tomorrow, not knowing how to plan an unforeseeable career, not knowing how to integrate into a new country after a decade-long wait…

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